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Born and brought up in London, UK by two famous parents (Paul McCartney – former member of the Beatles and Linda McCartney – also a musician), Stella turned up to be quite a surprise and although decided to remain in the creation sector, followed different footsteps in order to achieve her dream. Hard-working and with a very fresh view over the world she started by designing her own clothes when he was about three years old. Nothing unusual for a little girl, but as the years passed by her interest in fashion, beauty and new grew stronger and stronger. In 1997 she was named Creative Director at Chloé and just four years later she launched her own fashion house under her name in partnership with Kering as a 50/50 joint venture and showed her first collection in Paris in October 2001. 2003 marked the launch of her lovely perfume “Stella”, in 2007 her attention being drawn towards creating a skin care-line (100% organic), a year later though, a very sexy lingerie line seeing the light of day. In 2010 the Stella McCartney Kids collection came to life, in the winter of the same year the very distinguished “Falabella” taking the stage, while in 2011 her eco-friendly sunglasses became all the range. A fervent support of PETA, Stella refuses to use natural leather or fur when creating her collections, although she uses wool or silk. In 2012 she was awarded the British Designer of the Year at the Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year Awards and in 2013 Best International Designer of the Year at the The Elle Style Award, London.

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